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Inspiring Design

These Denver-based clients purchased a diverse collection of original Carlene Frances artworks as the primary design inspiration for a 1700 sf remodel on one level of their home. 


The design-build team integrated images and dimensions of the selected paintings into the initial software renderings - which ultimately informed the overall function and flow of the clients' space. Furnishings and decor echo the bold shapes or elements of the palette found in Frances's art.

"We had our lower level designed entirely around Carlene Frances’ art. We knew we wanted a light, clean space of white and sand neutrals to serve as a backdrop for Frances’ eight different series of abstract oils, which showcases her artistic versatility and offers us the vibrant visual mix we crave.


The team chose contemporary eclectic decor to reflect the predominantly teal and mustard palette of the 15 paintings with their compositions of geometric shapes and abstract textures. The result is a serene yet playful new place for our family or guests to retreat to. Frances’ art formed the genesis and the inspiration for our design-build and we are delighted with how well the project flowed from that creative premise."

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